The Boardroom Excellence portal provides everything an aspirational Company needs to improve Board performance

Boardroom Guidance

Clear, straightforward hints on how to make your Board perform better, plus flow charts and templates for Strategy, Risk and Governance.

Data Room

Keep all of your Board-essential documents in a secure online portal. Make every Board decision an informed one.

We have all your devices covered, so it doesn’t matter where you are, we’re there.

Boardroom Excellence works best on modern browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer 11 and Safari.

Various devices.

Manage your Board tasks from anywhere

Boardroom Excellence provided consultation on our board packs and general board level reporting.
As a result, our board meetings are more targeted, salient and valuable for all contributors. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them for any help around board level.
Various parts of their vernacular have now become ingrained in our management process; we have one expression in particular which starts with ‘As Phil said…’.
All in all, some of the best consulting money we've ever spent. 

Thomas Jeffs Thomas Jeffs CTO, Lucidica